TikTok's Anything But a Backpack Day Trend Is Bringing High School Kids Together

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Oct. 5 2022, Published 1:04 p.m. ET

High school nostalgia coming right up! Most millennials are split on their experience in the hallowed halls of high school. Some believe that it was the worst four years of their lives, while others were able to build lifelong relationships and memories to cherish.

No matter where you stand on the spectrum, spirit week during high school served as a great way to let loose and have fun amongst your peers. And it appears that TikTok’s newest trend, Anything But a Backpack Day, is helping high schoolers showcase school spirit while reminding the masses of the good old days.

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So, what exactly is the Anything But a Backpack Day trend all about? Here’s the lowdown on TikTok’s fast-growing trend.

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TikTok’s Anything But a Backpack Day trend sees students trading in their backpacks for other wacky items.

Whether you’re a fan of TikTok or not, the creativity that users showcase is unmatched. With the Anything But a Backpack Day trend, high schoolers are showcasing their fun personalities via makeshift “backpacks.”

Instead of toting around a Jansport backpack — or a designer option for the more affluent folks — high schoolers are substituting their every day bag for unconventional items to hold their essentials.

Some high schoolers have opted for trash cans, lawn mowers, supermarket carts, and more. Not to mention, a few students can even be seen carrying boats and toy cars and trucks through their respective halls.

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While it’s unclear who started the trend, it’s safe to say that Anything But a Backpack Day serves as a way for students to showcase school spirit and enjoy a fun day among their peers.

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The Anything But a Backpack Day trend has garnered over 60 million views.

Everybody loves a harmless and hilarious trend, and the Anything But a Backpack Day buzz is a perfect example. As of writing, the #bringanythingbutabackpack has already earned over 60 million views.

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In fact, TikToker @guadalupe.morales shared a video that has garnered over 2 million likes and has been shared nearly 35,000 times on the platform. In her video, she explains that she brought a trash can while other students rode in boats down the hallways, carried mini supermarket carts, mop buckets, and more.

Additionally, TikToker @pengriffy0 shared a video of his school, South Africa’s Phoenix High, also taking part in the trend. In the comment section, a follower shared that their school also participated in the trend and used it as a means to uplift students and showcase school spirit.

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Since TikTok is home to many creators that are of the Generation Z age bracket (10-25), we can expect this trend to go the distance on the app.

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