What Are Miami Boys Soloists David, Yoshi, Binyamin, and C. Abramowitz Doing Now?

Michelle Stein - Author

Oct. 1 2022, Published 3:59 p.m. ET

Miami Boys choir soloists now
Source: YouTube/Yerachmiel Begun;

If you're anything like me, then on a random Tuesday in September 2022, a group of Jewish pre-teens with angelic voices and snazzy dance moves took over your "For You" page on TikTok. They were most likely belting out a song titled "Yerushalayim," accompanied by a live band, and sporting red silk shirts and yarmulkes.

You might have thought to yourself, "Random, but whatever," because that's basically TikTok in a nutshell. But then the Miami Boys choir TikTok videos just kept coming.

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A few days in, when the Orthodox Jewish group would pop up during a scrolling session, you would start bopping along to the beat. Before you knew it, you were deeply entrenched in Miami Boys TikTok. Video after video, you saw users analyzing the soloists or dancing along to the ridiculously talented young men. You probably found yourself randomly humming "Yerushalayim" at work.

Miami Boys choir member singing
Source: YouTube/Yerachmiel Begun
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Now, you're full-on obsessed with the Miami Boys choir. You have a favorite soloist (Dovid, of course). You're contemplating making a TikTok video of yourself doing the choreographed routine — perhaps even purchasing songs/videos of the group on Spotify. It's just embarrassing at this point. But you can't stop.

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Instead of fighting it, come along with me as I take a deep dive into the (admittedly niche, at first) phenomenon, along with what the Miami Boys soloists are doing now. Because believe it or not, the viral video was shot back in 2007.

What are the Miami Boys choir soloists doing now?

Before we get into what the four viral Miami Boys soloists are up to today, let's go over a brief history of the TikTok-famous group.

A man named Yerachmiel Begun started the Miami Boys choir (which was named after Miami Beach, Fla.) in 1977, according to the Boy Choir & Soloist Directory. The religious pop group, made up of Orthodox Jewish boys, eventually relocated to New York.

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Although Miami Boys is known in the Jewish community, it's only been recently that mainstream media has picked up on their talent. The group is still active today — except, the boys featured in the recently-viral video are now adults.

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Here's what David Herskowitz from Miami Boys is doing now.

david herskowitz now
Source: YouTube/Yerachmiel Begun; TikTok/@jewinthecity

In a recent interview with Allison Josephs (@jewinthecity on TikTok,) David Herskowitz opened up about his time in the Miami Boys choir, along with the group's now-viral fame. David explained that he sang with the group from the time he was 10 or 11 to when he was 15. Today, he's 27, married, and works in digital marketing.

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Although David is no longer singing in a boys choir, his singing talent is still apparent today. Check him out!

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What is Yoshi Bender doing now?

Yoshi Bender from Miami Boys now
Source: YouTube/Yerachmiel Begun; TikTok/@shwetakumar71

Yoshi Bender is a soloist from the beginning of "Yerushalayim." There isn't a ton known about what he's doing today, but one TikTok user managed to unearth this recent photo (above) of him.

Also, here's a clip of Yoshi singing as part of a different group in 2013.

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What is Binyamin Abramowitz doing now?

binyamin abramowitz miami boys now
Source: YouTube/Yerachmiel Begun; TikTok/@binyamin_abramowitz

Binyamin Abramowitz has recently emerged on TikTok following the viral emergence of Miami Boys on TikTok. So far, he only has one video featuring himself lip-syncing to his solo in "Yerushalayim."

Today, Binyamin is a medical student in New York — and he told The Jewish Chronicle that his newfound fame is "mind-boggling." Binyamin's older brother, Akiva Abramowitz, was also a member of Miami Boys. Today, Akiva is studying to become lawyer and with YStuds, a Jewish acapella group, according to the publication.

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What does C. Abramowitz look like now?

C. Abramowitz from Miami Boys
Source: YouTube/Yerachmiel Begun; Tiktok/@shwetakumar71

OMG, doesn't he look the same? Even better: It appears C. Abramowitz is still singing today, as he is a member of an acapella group called the Maccabeats.

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Here's what Dovid Pearlman from Miami Boys is up to now.

Dovid Pearlman from Miami Boys
Source: YouTube/Yerachmiel Begun;TikTok/@dovidpearlman
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Dovid wasn't a featured soloist in "Yerushalayim." However, a clip from his solo in a different song has attracted a ton of attention. Bonus: He's active on TikTok!

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In light of the 2007 performance of "Yerushalayim" having gone viral, it wouldn't be surprising if the Miami Boys soloists got together for a reunion and reprised the number for their new fanbase.

You can bet I would be there for it!

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