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Are Chloe and Max from TLC's 'Unexpected' Still Together? Things May Be Looking Up


It's been a wild ride for Unexpected's Chloe Mendoza and Max Schenzel. Back in August, it was apparent that things weren't going so well for the reality TV couple. Fans unearthed tweets between Max and Chloe that spelled trouble: Max had noted that Chloe had moved out. The two had moved in together back in June. Then, in September, Max deleted all his photos of Chloe on Instagram and at the time, added "single" to his social bios. Are things really over for the teen parents? It doesn't seem that way...

Are Chloe and Max still together? Or are they broken up?

It looks like Chloe and Max may be back together again. Max cleaned up his act, attended Alcoholics Anonymous retreat, got a new job, and seems to really be trying for Chloe and their daughter, Ava. Max posted a long message from his phone, explaining how he's on a better path now.