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Source: TLC

The ‘Unexpected’ Teen Mom Who Had Two Unexpected Pregnancies Has Plans to Finish College


Most people have their lives planned out before they even hit adulthood. They have their college mapped out, when they’d like to settle down, and even when they ideally want to retire. 

However, life always seems to throw jabs at us, and things don’t go as planned. This is exactly what it’s like for the cast of Unexpected. 

TLC’s Unexpected is a show following three women who’ve been thrown a curveball in life with an unexpected pregnancy. The show focuses on how the teenage moms deal with each stage of their pregnancies following their first weeks into parenthood. 

While some imagine this happening only once in life, teen mom McKayla Adkins is dealing with it twice. Here’s everything you need to know about the mom who had two unexpected pregnancies.