Did Ethan and Myrka From 'Unexpected' Stay Together After the Show?

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Mar. 15 2021, Published 7:48 p.m. ET

Ethan and Myrka
Source: Instagram

The latest season of Unexpected on TLC has been quite the drama-filled one — especially for soon-to-be, 16-year-old mother and father Ethan and Myrka. Even though the latest season has released seven episodes, the couple have been through a lot together — from trying to navigate life as teenage parents to issues with their family members. 

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But because they have been experiencing a lot of hardships in the show recently, people are wondering whether or not Ethan and Myrka are still together. The show was filmed last year, so fans are curious as to what their relationship status is in present day. Let's see how the TLC stars are doing.

are ethan and myrka still together unexpected
Source: Instagram
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Are Ethan and Myrka from 'Unexpected' still together?

Good news: It looks like even after the birth of their child and the end of the show, Ethan and Myrka stayed strong. Ethan's Instagram account — @ethan_ybarra25 — bio has the date that he and Myrka started dating alongside her name. "3/10/19 [ring emoji] [heart eyes emoji] [heart emoji] Myrka Cantū," it reads.

He also recently posted an Instagram Live that he did with Myrka in January 2021 where they dropped some tea about the show together. Myrka revealed that she wasn't on good terms with Ethan's mom, Michelle.

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In the show, Myrka and her mom, Liliana, had sort of a falling out after her mother kicked her out of the house. This led Myrka to move into Ethan's parents' house with him, where she developed a strong relationship with his mom. Throughout the show, you see how supportive Michelle is of both her son and Myrka, and how she wishes that Liliana was more involved in Myrka's pregnancy.

But months later, after their baby was born, Myrka and Ethan are not in touch with Michelle because of "altercations" and "disrespect," Myrka said in the Instagram Live. A user asked Myrka if she could touch on the subject more, and she said that she couldn't just yet (probably for NDA reasons). 

She did mention that they still keep in touch with other members of Ethan's family like his dad, grandma, and aunt. She also said that she and her mom are talking and are OK.

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Ethan and Myrka plan to post videos on their YouTube channel.

There is a link to their semi-established YouTube channel in Ethan's Instagram bio that already has a little over one thousand subscribers. It's called EthanVSMyrka. The description section of their channel says: "Welcome to our channel. We are planning to keep this channel alive and we will be starting somewhere in 2020. We are planning to just be ourselves and take tasks from our viewers we will be asking what you guys would want us to do and we will pick the best comments."

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In the January 2021 Live, they both gave updates about what's happening with their YouTube channel. "We're just trying to figure everything out. We don't just want to post our first video and it to be, like, stupid. We're trying to learn how to do stuff right, so that that way we could put it right for y'all," Myrka said. 

Ethan also said they need better "technology" to produce the content they want. Myrka added that they're saving up money for the necessary equipment.

It also looks like that they're planning to launch their own baby clothing business soon, per Ethan's IG bio. Looks like the show brought a lot of bright beginnings into their lives! 

Watch Unexpected on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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