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Source: Bravo

Looks Like Jackie and Simone Are Still Fighting on 'Married to Medicine'


Anyone watching Season 7 of Bravo's Married to Medicine knows that things haven't been exactly smooth sailing between Dr. Simone Whitmore and Dr. Jackie Walters. The two, who have been friends for most of the show, clearly had some tension between them throughout the season.

And when the Season 7 reunion episode aired, we had the answer to the question we'd been wondering all season: are Jackie and Simone still friends? In short: no.

Are Jackie and Simone still friends? The pair has a long-standing feud over a previous argument.

Their fight started a while ago, when Dr. Heavenly insulted Simone's husband, Cecil. Heavenly threw shade at Cecil on Twitter when he was unemployed while complimenting her husband at the same time.

"I’m soo proud of Dr Damon ...  while the other men are tweeting..he is working !" she captioned a quote-tweet about Damon's new surgical center he had opened.