Kaz Admits His "Head Was All Over the Place" Before Micah Took Him Back on 'Perfect Match'

Micah told Netflix's Tudum that while she had a lot of "fun moments" with Kaz, “He’s just not the person for me.”

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jul. 11 2024, Updated 3:23 p.m. ET

Kaz and Micah from Perfect Match
Source: Netflix

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 2 of Perfect Match.

Even though Micah and Kaz don't only pursue each other during Season 2 of Perfect Match on Netflix, they end the season together, and they appear to be stronger than ever. But after what they went through, from Micah's insecurities about Kaz to him actually dropping her for newcomer Christine, are Micah and Kaz still together now?

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While viewers now know that Kaz and Micah don't win the season as the "perfect match" out of the five couples in the finale, they do end the show on a high note. In fact, Micah says in the finale, she's eager to leave the drama behind. But things can change on the outside, and real life often hits these couples hard.

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Are Kaz and Micah still together after 'Perfect Match'?

Kaz and Micah did not stay together after Season 2 of Perfect Match. “We’re not together. Our relationship stayed in Mexico where it was meant to live … and die,” Micah told Netflix's Tudum around June 2024. She added, “I definitely don’t regret spending my time with him. There was a lot of drama and turmoil, but also a lot really great and fun moments that I’m really happy I experienced. He’s just not the person for me.”

Kaz also opened up about their brief relationship, telling Tudum that Micah was the one who ended things. According to rumors, Kaz kissed another cast member after the finale aired, leading Micah to cut ties. “Before we even made it off the show, she sent me a text message saying that she truly hates me," Kaz revealed.

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Later, in May 2024, the two reunited at Netflix's Summer Break event after having not spoken for some time. While Kaz admitted he "[holds] no grudges," it's unlikely there will be any more reconnecting between them.

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Kaz and Christine briefly match in Season 2 of 'Perfect Match'.

The biggest hiccup in Kaz and Micah's relationship during Season 2 of Perfect Match happens when Kaz meets Christine. He opts to end things with Micah in order to pursue Christine, but in the end, Kaz realizes his feelings for Micah are much stronger.

"I've been through, like, a lot of emotions with Micah," Kaz tells Stevan during the Perfect Match finale. "I'm finding it hard to switch that off and move on."

He also admits that his head "got scrambled" when he met Christine and things went downhill with Micah. As a result, at the top of the finale episode, Kaz goes back to Micah.

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Kaz and Christine sit on rocks together in bathing suits on Perfect Match
Source: Netflix

Do Micah and Kaz win 'Perfect Match'?

Despite working through their issues and being together in the finale, Micah and Kaz don't win the other couples' votes as the season's "perfect match" couple. That's likely because of their issues before and during Christine's arrival, even though they work them out eventually. Still, it doesn't necessarily mean Micah and Kaz aren't still together now.

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