Shanley and Chris Went Against the Rules on 'Are You the One' — Are They Still Together?

Are Shanley and Chris still together from 'Are You the One'? The Season 1 couple was not a perfect match, but it didn't stop them from canoodling.

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Dec. 1 2020, Updated 1:29 p.m. ET

Source: MTV

The experimental MTV reality series Are You the One utilizes a series of compatibility tests and questionnaires to secretly put young, unlucky-in-love singles together with their "perfect match." While trying to figure out who their ideal partner could be, the contestants live together.

If they can determine who "the one" is within the given time parameter, they can split a cash prize. Along the way, they can narrow down their prospects by sending one couple to the Truth Booth each week. 

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The Truth Booth confirms whether or not a couple is a perfect match. 

The first season of the series aired in 2014, and while one couple did actually get married, the most memorable pair was really Shanley McIntee and Chris Tolleson. The two learned early on from the Truth Booth that they were not a perfect match, but they continued to pine for one another and date after the show. 

Are Shanley and Chris still together from Are You the One? Keep reading to find out where things stand now.

Source: MTV
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Chris and Shanley only had eyes for each other on 'Are You the One' Season 1.

As soon as the cast of 20 singles met at the Kauai mansion to kick off Season 1, there was an attraction shared between Shanley and Chris. 

Shanley, a then-24-year-old Indiana native made it clear that her eyes were on the then-23-year-old Virginia resident. She insisted that they were a perfect match.

The other contestants wanted to nip Chris and Shanley's dramatic romance in the bud early on, so they voted to send them to the Truth Booth first.

The pair later acknowledged that there were many reasons why they wouldn't be a perfect match on paper. Later on in the season, when Chris found out that his perfect match was actually Paige Brendel, Shanley cried. By the finale, Shanley found out that her match was Adam Kuhn. 

Though they knew that they weren't placed together, Chris and Shanley insisted that their bond went beyond the show.

On the reunion special, host Ryan Devlin asked about where things stood between Chris and Shanley. 

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"We were solid for a second, and then it became too much," Chris shared about their post-show relationship. 

The two explained that they tried to give their romance a shot outside of the show, but that they struggled to maintain a bond while living in different places. 

"We know why we're not a perfect match. We've understood that, and I want everybody else to know, I'm a very physical [person], and he's a very vocal person. Distance does not work between two people like that," Shanley said.

Source: MTV
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Chris went on to reveal that he had contacted Paige while he was on a break from Shanley. While nothing happened besides a few text message exchanges, Shanley felt betrayed by the action. 

During the reunion, it seemed like there was still unfinished business between the season's most controversial couple. Did anything continue after the full season aired?

Are Shanley and Chris still together from 'Are You the One?'

Though Chris and Shanley doubted the Are You the One perfect match algorithm, the two are no longer together. Meanwhile, Amber Lee and Ethan Diamond were placed together, and they are married today.

Shanley is now sporting blue and black hair, and she's in a relationship with Cameron Porras. The two met when Shanley sent him a DM on Instagram.

She resides in Los Angeles, and she has an Instagram account with more than 144,000 followers. Shanley also works at the KR8 Agency. 

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Ahead of the Are You the One release on Netflix on Dec. 1, Shanley took to her Instagram stories to answer fan questions.

One asked, "Are you prepared for all the stupid 'are you still with Chris' questions?"

Shanley poked fun at her time on the show in her response.

"I didn't really think about that," she replied. "So... no."

Source: Instagram
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Shanley later shared that she did not regret appearing on the show, even if it did showcase a relationship that didn't last. 

"No, it was an incredible experience. It happened at the perfect time in my life..." she said to one fan's question. "Even if it is just me being blackout drunk and absolute trash. Beggars can't be choosers."

As for what Chris is up to now, he has definitely moved on from his reality star days.

He is a dad of two; he shares a son named Lennon and a daughter named Jovi with a woman named Jamie. 

According to Chris's Instagram page, he proposed to Jamie in 2017. It's unclear if the two are still together, though they do post content with one another.

Are You the One? Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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