People Are Convinced Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Are Already Engaged

Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello really engaged? They've talked about it, but has Shawn proposed? Here's what we found out.

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Jan. 19 2021, Updated 11:01 p.m. ET

are shawn mendes and camila cabello engaged
Source: Instagram

Those of us who've been following Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's relationship probably know the two are really committed. When asked about marriage, Shawn responded, "[Camila's] been one of my best friends since I was, like, 15 years old. I don't know, at the same time, I know we are really young so I don't want to jump, like, insanely fast, but I think when you find your person, you feel and you know that you have found your person."

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During the interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shawn went on to say, "I think we are both super sensitive which creates a lot of sensitivity in our relationship, but we are songwriters so we are constantly searching for the best topics in life and I don't know, I am pretty mushy. I don't know what she would answer or how she would answer that. I feel like she would probably say I am much more mushy." We love this mushy energy Shawn is bringing into 2021.

camila and shawn
Source: Instagram
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Does this mean Shawn and Camila are actually engaged though? Did Shawn (or Camila, it's 2021 after all) propose? We did a little digging to find out.

Are Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello engaged?

Nothing is official, but according to some sources, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are planning for an engagement. One source says that there's “nothing holdin’ them back” from a wedding. Another insider says that “Their relationship is more serious than ever. It looks like an engagement is in the cards for the new year!" Allegedly Shawn took Camila to his family's home over the holidays and she met his parents. Which does sound very serious — but keep in mind these are still all rumors.

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This is all according to the National Enquirer, so, yeah. Take it all with a grain of salt. What we can confirm is that the couple is really, really close. They even got a puppy together (this happened back in November and they named him Tarzan). 

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And they did spend the holidays together. Camila posted this steamy photo of them kissing on Christmas. She wrote in the caption, "I’m not good at taking a lot of pictures lately but here’s one good one ❤️ merry Christmas! Thank u Santa for my tall sweet funny boy." 

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Camila and Shawn met in 2014 during Austin Mahone's tour, and allegedly began dating sometime in 2019 after their collab, "Señorita." Shawn has even stated that every song he writes is about Camila. “My song comes on the radio or something and I'm like, ‘Everything's about you. They have always been about you. She goes, ‘What do you mean?’ I’m like, ‘They’re all about you. Like, every song I’ve ever wrote,’” Shawn said in his Netflix documentary, In Wonder.

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And while every song is about her, Shawn isn't quite sure if even his music will be able to capture how much he loves her. “I don't think I'll be able to write songs that really do it justice, that can really capture the things and the feelings with her. I think it's like when you see a moon or stars and you try to take a photo of it with your iPhone, and then you just can't, it just doesn't look good. And you're like, ‘It's not supposed to be captured.’ You know? It's just supposed to be for us," he said.

Basically: Keep your eyes peeled for a ring. 

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