Are Shea and Taylor Still Together After 'Surviving Paradise'? They Left on a Sour Note

Sarah Walsh - Author

Feb. 1 2024, Published 11:24 a.m. ET

Taylor and Shea

The reality competition series Surviving Paradise on Netflix took viewers on a thrilling journey of alliances, challenges, and unexpected romances in the lush landscapes of Lefkada, Greece. Contestants faced the unique challenge of competing for a spot inside a luxury villa while others contended with the wilderness.

Amid the alliances and betrayals, one relationship that captured the audience's attention was the blossoming romance between Shea Foster and Taylor Olympios.

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In the heart of this tropical paradise, alliances were formed and broken, with contestants vying for the coveted $100,000 cash prize. There were intense challenges, fights, and so much more. In the middle of the chaos, Shea and Taylor found love during the competition. But everyone is wondering, did the intensity of their romance continue after the cameras stopped rolling?

Are Shea and Taylor still together after 'Surviving Paradise'? They left paradise on a sour note.

Taylor on Surviving Paradise

Shea made a brutal decision moments before the show's finale, the pinnacle of drama. He sent Taylor back to camp while he chose to stay in the villa!

Even the remaining contestants were shocked. This decision left a sour note on their budding romance, and things were not looking good for the future of their relationship.

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Although Shea expressed remorse afterward, the impact on their relationship was undeniable. The couple faced scrutiny from both viewers and fellow contestants, and people were pretty certain that would seal their fate, and ruin any chance of a real relationship after the show.

Taylor met Shea’s parents after the show ended.

Despite the challenging exit, Shea and Taylor actually did date after leaving paradise.

Believe it or not, post-show, Shea introduced Taylor to his family in Houston, Texas. They shared many other experiences together, including a Miami staycation where Taylor met with Shea's friends too.

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But "conflicting schedules," as Shea told Daily Mail in October 2023, caused the couple to "slow down a bit" — though he still didn't consider himself single. "It's complicated," he said. He referred to their relationship as being beyond a "situationship," and he also didn't rule out a future marriage between the two. It's unclear where they stand today.

Though she didn’t win, Taylor is using her clout in social media.

As the competition reached its climax, Shea found himself in the finale, contending for the $100,000 cash prize. However, the victory eluded him as Linda emerged as the winner in a six to four vote from eliminated players.

He was obviously disappointed, but fans weren't too upset, since he had sent his love back to camp even though she wanted to play on.

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While Shea faced the challenges of the competition's finale, Taylor's journey after the show took a different trajectory.

With over 39K followers on Instagram, Taylor is now living it up as an influencer. She's been on magazine covers and is modeling. She even walked the runway for Miami Swimwear Week!

So even though things between her and Shea got "complicated," she is thriving in her personal life!

Neither Shea nor Taylor won the grand prize on Surviving Paradise, and it seems like they didn't quite end up making their reality TV relationship work — but that's OK. They are doing will individually, and that is what really matters.

Whatever happens between Shea and Taylor, we are happy for them. And we can't wait to see what kind of relationships pop up in Surviving Paradise 2! Maybe this time, the guy won't send his love back to camp!

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