Did Subway Just Add Wings to Its Menu? Here's What to Know

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jan. 12 2022, Published 5:38 p.m. ET

When you think of the fast-food chain Subway, you most likely think of sandwiches. Like its signature Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, Meatball Marinara, or Veggie Delight subs.

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While the chain has naturally expanded its menu over the years to include new bites like salads, wraps, and breakfast items, these additions all made sense. But in January 2022, posts featuring chicken wings at Subway began popping up on social media. We couldn't help but wonder: Is the iconic sandwich chain really branching out and selling wings in the new year, or is this just some type of joke? Keep scrolling to find out.

Subway store
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A Twitter user shared a photo of chicken wings in a Subway box, and we are shook.

New year, new menu items? Perhaps.

On Jan 10., Twitter user @OG_Nino tweeted out two photos. In the first photo, a white cardboard box that reads "Subway hot" is pictured. In the second photo, the same box is pictured, but now it has been opened and there are chicken wings (???) inside it.

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The tweet got over 6,000 likes and started a much bigger conversation on the platform about chicken wings at Subway. A handful of users began cracking jokes about the alleged wings.

Although, other than the photos @OG_Nino tweeted out, there doesn't seem to be too much evidence that proves these wings are real and being sold in stores.

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So, is Subway really selling wings? Where can you buy them?

Being that we only have one set of photos to go by, we decided to check Subway's social media accounts to see if the chain had announced any new menu items. Sadly, we turned up empty-handed.

While it wouldn't be unheard of if Subway decided to test wings out in select locations before rolling them out to the public, there is also a possibility that those wing photos were fake or photoshopped.

After all, given the state of the chicken wing industry right now, it doesn't seem likely that Subway would add such a hard-to-get product to its menu.

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Chicken wings
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Yup, the U.S. is currently suffering from a chicken wing shortage.

As I'm sure you already know, the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to several shortages across all industries. Unfortunately, chicken wings are one popular food item that currently faces a scarcity. According to Market Realist, the demand for wings during the pandemic has considerably outstripped the supply.

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As a result, supplies have been limited and the price of chicken wings has gone up. Not to mention, Buffalo Wild Wings announced that most of its sports bars are running low on wings.

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So while we can't confirm or deny these wing rumors yet, we can take an educated guess that those photos may have just been for laughs.

But if we're wrong and Subway is actually selling wings, do check out the ingredients before consuming. They could be plant-based (which would be pretty dopel!) or they could just be a mixture of things that you probably don't want to put in your body. After all, Subway has faced allegations in the past that its tuna isn't actually made from real tuna.

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