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Source: MTV

Does the First Queer Cast of 'Are You The One' Win the Show? Inside the Perfect Matches


In MTV's shot at a dating show, Are You the One? contestants live in a house together trying to find their "perfect match," which has been predetermined by dating experts, questionnaires, and producers. 

The first seven seasons of the franchise dealt with heterosexual couplings, which meant that half the house was not an option for being perfect matches, and it narrowed down the scope of choices.

Who wins Are You the One? Spoilers ahead! 

Season 8 of the show went where no dating show has been before: queer castmates, queer couplings, and seemingly limitless options. With sixteen cast members on the show, every person was a romantic option, making the game increasingly more difficult. 

Ahead of the Sept. 9 finale, there are three out of eight couples who are not confirmed perfect matches. Settle in for all the spoilers! 

1. Brandon Davis and Aasha Wells

Source: Instagram

Brandon and Aasha were the first confirmed perfect match on the show in Episode 7, which gave the rest of the cast some semblance of confidence. We didn't get to know too much about the pair before they left for the honeymoon suite, but Brandon helped Max Gentile come to grips with his bisexuality. 

Aasha had a fling with Justin Palm shortly before she and Brandon were sent to the Truth Booth. In the remaining episodes, they attended the matchup Ceremonies like proud parents, while the rest of the cast scrambled to find their own matches.