An Argument Among Friends Over Splitting a $5K Birthday Dinner Bill Goes Viral

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Jul. 18 2023, Published 2:35 p.m. ET

Another day, another social media debate about splitting the bill.

It’s common for some folks at a birthday dinner to split the bill among the group — with the birthday person being exempt from the bill. After all, everyone is coming together to celebrate the birthday person and it’s customary for the guest of honor to not contribute.

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On the flip side, some people believe that everyone should pay for what they consume.

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that a birthday dinner debacle went viral on TikTok after a group of friends had an argument over splitting a $5,000 bill. Here’s the full scoop.

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A TikTok video has gone viral as a group of friends argue about splitting a $5,000 bill.

Baby, this is the reason why communication is of the utmost importance. In July 2023, TikTok creator Viccgotti (@viccgotti) shared a video about his friend’s birthday dinner that resulted in a $4,600 balance. And the birthday girl expected everyone to split the bill.

“Who was wrong in the situation? The bill was $4,600,” the video caption reads.

As the video begins, the TikTok creator is shouting at another individual about the bill.

“I’m only paying for what’s on the check. I’m not splitting the bill, shorty,” the creator says. “That’s crazy. You expect us to split the bill."

Another man jumps up and also shares the same grievance about splitting the nearly $5,000 dinner bill.

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“You got lamb chops, you got steak,” another man says while pointing out people and their dinner choices.

“Look at all the food they got and they’re talking about splitting the bill,” the TikTok creator says.

A man sitting next to the birthday girl then asks the creator and the other guy, “Why did y’all come out for dinner then?”

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Another lady starts yelling and says, “Y’all know, we come together, we split the bill together, period!”

The creator then tells the group that “they are doing too much” and that he and the other man did not order that much food.

In a follow-up video, the creator gave a more detailed explanation after realizing the original video went viral.

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“Y’all, story time! This girl was my best friend since the third grade and she got in front of her other friends and started acting funny with me. They called me and our friends broke because we didn't want to pay a $4,600 bill,” the caption reads.

“This was a very expensive restaurant. Look, they’re even giving out hot towels,” the TikTok creator says as he explains his side of the story.

The creator went on to share the entire video which starts with a man sitting next to the birthday girl yelling at him and his friends.

“Bruh, I’m tired of this [n-word]. It’s her birthday,” the man says.

“Like it’s my f------ birthday. Why the f--- should I have to pay for something on my birthday?” the birthday girl says.

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The creator then explains his side to the party: “What I’m saying is, why would I pay for something I didn’t buy? I’m only paying for what’s on the check. I’m not splitting the bill. That’s crazy.”

The video continues with the other man pointing out who purchased what meal and the other man asking them why they came to the dinner.

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“That is dead, baby girl, that is dead,” the creator says. The video ends with the man sitting next to the birthday girl asking him why he came out if he can’t pay for his food. Then a clip of the group singing the girl “Happy Birthday” concludes the video.

In a third video, the creator shared a sit-down he had with the birthday girl, her presumed boyfriend, and another friend about the bill. The creator and the boyfriend exchange words as the girlfriend reveals that she paid $2,000 on the bill.

The creator then puts the boyfriend on blast for not paying anything and even reveals that he and the girl had a conversation about her wishing he had more money. Messy!

Interestingly, it was later revealed that the whole debacle was a skit.

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Even if it was just a skit, TikTok users are split on some of the guests not wanting to split the bill.

When it comes to money, you always figure out who your friends are. Many TikTok users can’t get past the fact that the birthday dinner was nearly $5,000. Additionally, many folks believe that the birthday girl picked an expensive restaurant expecting to not contribute to the bill.

“I wouldn’t split it either. I’d split the bday meal but I’d pay for my own. People order expensive things. If I order pasta, that’s what I’m paying,” one person chimed in.

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“I will only pay for my meal and the birthday person’s bill and part of the tip. Everyone else pays for what they eat. There are no freebies with me…nope!” another user chimed in.

Some folks also shared tips for getting out of heated arguments at group dinners.

“TIP: Always bring cash when you go with a group. Go to the nearest ATM, grab cash to cover your meal, and leave the rest up to the table to deal with it!” another user shared.

Truth be told, this scenario may have been a joke for views and likes, but things like this occur in real life. If you plan on attending a group dinner, make sure to consult with the host about expectations before the event. It’ll save you a headache and possibly being outed on social media.

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