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Armie Hammer's Alleged Leaked DMs Show Us Just How Kinky the Actor Is



Actors can be famous for a wide variety of things, from their performances to their relatable personality. Within the world of celebrity, Armie Hammer has carved out a lane for himself as an actor who is often very horny, and also kind of strange. Most recently, leaked DMs that are allegedly from the actor suggest that he can be pretty explicit in his sexual advances. 

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Armie Hammer allegedly calls himself a "cannibal" in leaked DMs.

Although these messages have not yet been verified, Twitter immediately erupted in conversation about the DMs, which have thus far only been posted by anonymous users. In the DMs, Armie allegedly describes himself as "100% a cannibal." He then continues, writing, "I want to eat you." The Twitter user posting the screenshots claims that they are collecting them from other users across TikTok and Instagram. 

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Thanks to the outlandishness of the messages, memes almost immediately began popping up in which users expressed shock at the reason that Armie Hammer was trending. "Someone made fake DMs of Armie Hammer claiming to be a cannibal. Just another normal Sunday on Twitter," one person wrote in response to the story. "Armie Hammer is the most aggressive example of down bad I've ever seen," another wrote. 

While opinion was mixed on whether the screenshots were actually real, it was also mixed on what exactly the messages might mean. While some saw Armie's alleged behavior as creepy and potentially predatory, others saw a guy being kink-shamed for expressing his fetishes in what very well might have been a consensual setting.

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Armie dropped out from filming 'Shotgun Wedding' amidst the uproar surrounding the DMs.

As the conversation surrounding the "cannibal DMs" continued to gain traction, Armie issued a statement saying that he would no longer be working on the film Shotgun Wedding, an upcoming action-comedy starring Jennifer Lopez.

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"I’m not responding to these bulls--t claims but in light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me, I cannot in good conscience now leave my children for four months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic," He said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "Lionsgate is supporting me in this, and I’m grateful to them for that."

While this most recent bout of conversation surrounding Armie has certainly been bizarre, it's not the first time the Social Network star has gained attention for his, um, proclivities.

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Armie has previously trended because of his kinks.

Although this may be the most severe example of Armie's sexual behavior on social media, it's not the first. In 2017, the actor was trending after several Twitter users noticed that he had liked tweets about bondage and other related fetishes. That controversy eventually blew over, but it seems like an important reminder of how frequently Armie has been in the news for stories like this. 

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Armie Hammer got divorced in the summer of 2020.

Although the Call Me By Your Name actor was willing to get kinky on Twitter even while he was married, the 34-year-old actor went through a divorce in July of 2020. Armie was married to Elizabeth Chambers for 10 years, and the couple has two children together. In late December, The Daily Mail reported that Armie traveled to the Cayman Islands in order to be with his family. 

His Instagram has been largely focused on updates from the islands in the weeks since. The actor also vowed to stop sharing images of his children on social media in the new year in order to protect their privacy. Although he's still on Instagram, Armie quit Twitter in 2017 over an article written by BuzzFeed

The actor has remained on Instagram, which is where the alleged DMs came from. If they're real, they're just the latest chapter in one of the strangest celebrity sagas in recent memory.  

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