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Audrina's Daughter Won't Appear in 'The Hills: New Beginnings' If Baby Daddy Corey Bohan Gets His Way



MTV is bringing back The Hills for a much-anticipated reboot called The Hills: New Beginnings, and the best news is that most of the original cast is set to appear in this reunion reprise. 

Along with household names like Spencer and Stephanie Pratt, Justin Bobby, Frankie Delgado, and Jason Wahler, Audrina Patridge, 34, is also going to be making a comeback with her adorable daughter Kirra.

Except her Australian baby daddy Corey Bohan, 37, wants nothing to do with the show and doesn't want their daughter to appear in it either. 

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Corey and Audrina's split and why they're estranged today.

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Was Corey Bohan on The Hills?

Teasers ahead of the premiere for The Hills: New Beginnings show a scene where Audrina and Justin Bobby totally look like they're flirting, and maybe even on a date?! Fans of the original will remember that these two were an item before Audrina started dating Corey.

In fact, Audrina and Corey's first date was on The Hills. "Corey was on the show for a hot second," Audrina revealed to Entertainment Tonight around the 10-year anniversary of the hit reality TV show. "We were having a Halloween party and I invited Corey. And then we went on our very first date on camera which was the most awkward thing in the world!"

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The date was especially awkward for Corey, who's a BMX dirt biker and not "used to all that," as Audrina tells it. "I think we went on another date and then [the producers] wanted drama because Corey was a little shy and I was like, 'I can't do that to him, like, no.'"

This caused the two to fake an onscreen breakup, though their relationship was still flourishing. "I told him, 'We're gonna film one more time and I'm gonna kind of let you go because I don't want to involve you in what's going on or about to happen.' He understood," Audrina continued, "so I let him off nicely."

Of course, they'd go on to be together for almost a decade, marry, and have the adorable Kirra.

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Inside Corey and Audrina's nasty split.

Corey and Audrina began dating in 2008 on the set of The Hills and got engaged seven years later in 2015. The two were married in September of 2017 but Audrina filed for both divorce and a restraining order in Sept. 2018.

Audrina accused the Australian athlete of domestic violence and emotional abuse. At the time of their split, a source told People that she "finally felt she couldn't deal with the emotional abuse and fear any longer." 

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"She realized that she needed to end things for good," the source continued. "She got the restraining order because she was afraid of how he would retaliate when she filed for divorce, so she had to get some additional protection."

Corey has filed his own court orders, preventing their toddler from appearing on The Hills.

If there's anything that Corey has been vocal about since his split from Audrina, it's the fact that their 3-year-old, Kirra, should have no place on the reality TV reboot. And he's not messing around — the athlete has gotten the Superior Court of California involved.

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In the documents, Corey declares he does "not believe it is in Kirra's best interest to appear on reality TV as the effects of being in the public spotlight could be extremely damaging to such a young child and could result in potentially dangerous interactions with fans and/or paparazzi."

However, teasers for the new show reveal some babies, including Jason and Ashley's daughter Delilah, Speidi's miracle baby Gunner, and even the elusive Kirra will be featured on New Beginnings. Fans will have to tune in to see whether Audrina or Corey won that legal battle.

New episodes of The Hills: New Beginnings air Mondays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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