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Austin Crute aka Wesley Fists Reveals a Weapon Mishap That Happened on the 'Daybreak' Set (Exclusive)



[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

What can be more difficult than surviving high school? Oh right, a zombie apocalypse … with your fellow classmates. Netflix’s latest series Daybreak follows love-struck teen Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford) as he hunts for his MIA girlfriend Sam Dean (Sophie Simnett) all while trying to survive Armageddon, which in this world means everyone over the age of 18 is dead … or rather undead.  

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Even after a nuclear bomb hit Glendale, Calif., high school stereotypes still play a major role in one’s position in the apocalypse. The jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, and gamers all stick to their own “tribes.” In the series, viewers meet Wesley Fists (Austin Crute), a bully-turned-pacifist-samurai, who decides to break away from his toxic relationship with Turbo (Cody Kearsley) and forms a friendship with Josh and fellow Daybreaker Angelica.  

Source: Netflix
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The breakout Netflix series already has fans (including us) begging for a Season 2. Distractify recently spoke with Austin about his time filming the series, his character’s impact on viewers, and looking ahead to a (more than likely) sophomore season. 

There was only ONE mishap with a weapon on the set of Daybreak.

In case you couldn’t tell by the Instagram pics, the cast had a lot of fun on set. Some would maybe argue too much fun. “There was only one mishap with the weapons,” Austin explained to Distractify, detailing that the incident occurred when he and Alyvia Alyn Lind (Angelica) were filming in a car. “She has a bunch of fire things on her book bag that are all safe; they’re all turned off; they’re all checked.”

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Source: Netflix

He continued, “There was one thing on her book bag and we weren’t really supposed to touch it. For two seconds she picks it up acting like it was on and then it comes on.” Austin revealed that the two actors screamed “oh my god” when they saw a flame shoot out. Adding, “We vowed that we would never tell anybody.” 

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Austin recalls his favorite scene to film and Wesley’s impact on fans.

“My favorite scene to film was me telling Turbo that we had to have a duel to the death,” the actor revealed. “That was the first time that me and Cody had ever been in an intimate scene like that.” 

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Austin explained to Distractify that Wesley’s queer identity really resonated with audiences, so much so that people even felt inspired to come out to him on social media. “It’s really cool seeing the reception and seeing it affect people’s lives,” he told us. 

Rest easy, Daybreakers. It is VERY likely that there will be a Season 2. 

Though Netflix has not officially announced that Daybreak has been picked up for an additional season, based on the fans’ reaction to the series and Austin’s response to the question, we’re betting our money it will happen. “I’ve heard stirrings,” the actor told us coyly. “I’ve heard things in the air, but I guess we’re just gonna have to find out because I have no idea.”  

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Source: Netflix

With Sam the new self-proclaimed Queen of Glendale, what’s left for Josh in Season 2? “I’m gonna need him to move on,” Austin stated matter-of-factly. “He needs to spend some time being single.” Yes, we certainly concur.

As for where he sees his character, the Booksmart star hopes Wesley will find more of his own identity. “I would want Wesley to be a Daybreaker, but also maybe find his own calling, his own people that he can really connect to.”

You can now stream Daybreak on Netflix. 

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