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Source: Twitter

Everyone Has Awkward High School Pics — These Folks on Twitter Shared Their Worst


The fourish years American kids spend in high school comprise a huge chunk of adolescence. It's a period of milestones, way too many hormones, and so many situations ripe for awkwardness. Whether you look back on your high school years fondly or find them painful, you undoubtedly have a few cringeworthy photos of yourself from this time.

You may be tempted to delete them from existence, but a few brave souls on Twitter decided to embrace their awkward younger selves by baring them for the world to see. The results are equal parts cute and cringe-worthy.

Brayden Bauer, aka @im_your_density, got the ball rolling with this pic from his high school days. Now he's a musician with tens of thousands of Twitter followers, but back then he was just a teen employee of Firehouse Subs who had yet to discover hair products.