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25 People Who *Technically* Did Their Job



Sometimes when you're asked to do a job or a task, you're just too tired to do it completely. Occasionally, scraping by with the bare minimum is all you can offer. And those moments are often hilarious. This list is a celebration of technically doing what you're supposed to while still getting away with putting in minimal effort. These people deserve a medal for their efforts... or lack thereof.

Happy hour flyer

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Not going to lie, this flyer is so clever that it would totally make me want to go to this bar. Plus, who can pass up $4 lettuce wraps? That's a good deal.

Snow scraper

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That's a lot of snow. You can't expect someone to take the whole ten minutes it would take to remove all the snow from the window. Scoop out enough so you can see, and make your way to work! 

Taking the trash out

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Mom said to take the trash out to the corner. She didn't specify that you had to walk it out there. Anything that you can figure out how to do while sitting down is a total win. 

Perfect numbers

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I didn't think there was a way to make this assignment easier than it already was, but this school-aged genius proved me wrong. They covered all their bases and got all the questions correct at the same time. This is what we call a win-win.

Change the sign

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You can't say that this guy (I'm assuming it's a guy) didn't change the sign. He definitely did. I have a feeling this isn't exactly what his boss had in mind, but then again, the instructions weren't that specific.

Two pictures

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The instructions were to "bring a CD with two pictures on it." And that's exactly what she did. Thinking about the amount of effort it took to print these two pictures on a CD sticker and then apply it to the CD is making me giggle. Not once in that whole process did this woman think, "Oh, did they mean put the files on the CD?"

No. 1 Dad

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He was told to push her on the swing, and that is exactly what he's doing. Look, she's having fun, and so is he. I'd say this is perfect parenting. If you're not happy, how can you expect to make her happy?

Brief summary

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Whoever wrote this plot summary isn't wrong about The Santa Clause. I think we often forget that this lighthearted family Christmas film begins with the gruesome death of a beloved children's figure. But no one will forget anymore.

Double stacked

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They weren't supposed to double stack these boxes, and they didn't! They triple stacked them! It's totally different and obviously somehow not at all worse than double stacking them.

Cleaning the floor

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Mopping is one of the least fun chores, so if you can find a way to do it that requires minimal effort and is also kind of amusing, I say go for it! Sure, this might not be what her mom had in mind when she told her to scrub the floor, but who cares about the method if it gets done?!

No posters

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Joke's on them. They should have put the "No posters" signs closer together. Because between them? That's no man's land. That's poster central, baby! 

Under the doormat

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that they only meant for items that could reasonably fit under the doormat to be placed there. But hey, this delivery person technically followed instructions. Can't fault them for that.

Siri's note

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I've never wanted to slap a robot across the face as much as I want to slap Siri. She's just so sassy! Yeah, technically she took a note "of that," but she should be ashamed of herself.

80-100 words

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What do you do if you're the teacher and you get this response from a student on a test? I think you have to give them credit! And then maybe make them do an extra assignment that demonstrates that they know the material. 

Extra pickles

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This person asked for extra pickles at Subway, and oh boy did that sandwich artist do their job. I love pickles, and even I think that's too many pickles. 

At the gym

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He's not lying to his girlfriend. He is fulfilling his promise of "going to the gym." He never promised that he would actually work out. This is a genius at work, folks. 

Peanut sale

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This is a perfect way to technically follow the rules, but I do have to say that they could have picked something to sell that isn't a common allergen. Now people with peanut allergies who want water are out of luck!

Coach bag

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His wife wanted a Coach bag for her birthday, and that's exactly what he got her! Oh, did she mean a different Coach? Well, this Coach bag is so much better than what she was imagining. I guarantee it.

120 degrees

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His girlfriend told him to put the cake in the oven at 120 degrees (Celsius, I assume). So that's what he did. If I was trying to bake a cake and my partner did this, though, I would be so mad. He ruined her cake for a joke!

Name the angles

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I love this so much, but I have to say, I think this angle looks more like a Terrence. Yeah, definitely a Terrence. 

Clean plate

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He didn't want to have to wash dishes, so instead of not using a plate, he covered it in plastic wrap, then put the pasta on top. This is so dumb and also so hilarious. The lengths that some people will go to to be lazy...

Bed time

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Radar was told to get into bed...so that's what he did. He gets away with things like this because he is just so gosh darn cute. No human would be able to do the same. 

At least four songs

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We expect better from Google! We have a running joke in our house about estimating numbers. My husband will be like, "How many fish are in the ocean?" and I'll answer, "Oh, at least 6." But Google seems serious about this answer... and that's insane.

Share on social media

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KFC told him to share photos of his KFC experience, so he did. He posted this picture of the KFC box asking him to post on social media. This might not be what they had in mind, but it is what they asked for!

How Chicks Grow

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When you come up with a very comprehensive, descriptive name for your article, you use it! It applies to both, so why come up with other words to describe the main idea? This is what we call efficiency, folks.

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