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Source: YouTube

Move Over, Baby Yoda — 'Baby Sonic' Is Totally Having a Moment Right Now


By now, you've probably heard a thing or two about the 2020 Sonic movie — when the first trailer aired, Sonic fans angrily protested the hedgehog's strange new look. Once producers gave him a glow-up, fans became more excited for the film's release, and now, they're obsessing over a newly-unveiled aspect of the movie, Baby Sonic. Similar to the hype over Baby Yoda, fans are going wild over the adorably small version of the blue groundhog — Twitter's reactions to "Baby Sonic" are so priceless.

The reactions to Baby Sonic are adorable: 

1. First, let me introduce you to Baby Sonic... prepare to cry

Source: YouTube

Baby Sonic is pint-sized, he's wearing teeny-tiny red sneakers, and his eyes are 10 times larger than they are now. Let's face it: Baby Sonic is the hero we all needed this year.