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Memes That Sum Up "The Long Night" Aka the Most Insane Episode of 'Game of Thrones' Yet



Spoiler alert: If you haven't seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones, read on at your own risk! 

Everyone who watched "The Long Night" might have a hard time going to sleep tonight. Episode 3 was action-packed (albeit, most of it in pitch black, good luck if you watched the episode before the sun went down), and just as epic as we had hoped for. Most of Daenerys and Jon's armies were slayed by the Night King's army (RIP), we said goodbye to several important characters, the Winterfell Crypts theory definitely panned out, and most importantly, we watched the defeat of the Night King. While mostly everyone thought it would be Jon who destroys him, it turned out to be Arya, the mightiest and sneakiest assassin off all the land. Ned and Catelyn would have been proud. Here's how the rest of the internet reacted to the wildest Game of Thrones episode to date.

1. What it looked like after Arya destroyed the Night King

We should hope that Arya gets promoted after defeating literally the most powerful, evil being Westeros has ever seen.

2. We would get it if Arya has major swagger after being the most BAMF in Westeros

All that assassin work really, really paid off. 

3. This was all of us during the fight scenes

Like, who's killing who? Who's dead? Who just got their arm chopped off? Is our eyesight really that bad? *Squints the entire time*

4. That moment everyone realizes how terrible the Night King's bodyguards are

Arya IS the best assassin out there, but how exactly did she get past the Night King's security guards? 

5. The Night King *must* have been at least a little impressed

Hopefully before the Night King shattered he had a moment to think, "Okay, that was good. You got me. Totally fair." 

6. TFW all of us are grateful Melisandre lights that fire, but also makes it so we can see what's going on

This episode was amazing, but next time can we *please* punch up the lighting in the editing room?

7. Literally all of our faces when the Dothraki's swords go out

No, no, no, no, no. That was TOO FAST.

8. Arya to the Night King


9. Again, can we talk about the lighting in this episode?

Like, what if we missed an important death? What if Ghost came back and we just didn't see it because it's so dang dark?

10. We really, really want Ghost to be alive

Technically, we didn't *see* him die. But we also didn't see him live. 

11. What Arya was probably thinking when she snuck up behind the Night King

So great. We will never get over it.

12. That sweet moment when The Hound immediately gets over his fire anxieties to save Arya

That was probably the sweetest moment in the entire episode.

13. Does this mean Arya will kill Cersei?

Melisandre was right about everything else...

14. Meanwhile, Cersei's army is getting ready for battle

Did she ever get that elephant she wanted?

15. When Bran wargs and we all kind of understood him on an emotional level just want to get outta here and go be a crow.

16. We love you Same, but...just go back to the crypts

Edd gave his life to save Sam, and Sam just...cried a lot. 

17. But then this moment between Jon and Sam happened

Yup, Jon saw Sam was crying and needed help and he walked right past him. Hey, we get it. Saving Bran from The Night King is a much, much bigger priority.

18. Someone already set the Arya Night King scene to "My Heart Will Go On" and it's brilliant

Just listen and enjoy.

19. When the corpses in the crypts starting scratching at their tombs...


20. Not to humanize the Night King, but like, this is very true.


21. Bran relaxing while everyone is getting limbs chewed off...

JK, we know Bran was doing important work.

22. We'll leave you with one more...

No matter how you feel about Melisandre, she done good this episode.

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