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Source: HBO

Who Died in "The Long Night" on Season 8 of 'Game of Thrones'? Grab Some Tissues


Massive spoiler alert warning!

Game of Thrones fans fully expected to say goodbye to some of their favorite characters in Episode 3, "The Long Night." And of course they were right to do so—there was no way the entire cast would go unscathed when the Night King's army (hundreds of thousands of the undead) as well as undead Viserion were marching straight toward the Winterfell castle. The odds were fully stacked against them, and most of the episode was a grim blood-bath. Below is the full, confirmed list of main characters who were killed.

1. The entire Dothraki army

Source: HBO

Melisandre lights the Dothraki army's swords on fire, and they are the first ones to go marching into battle. The light from their swords go out completely, and they all perish. The moment is totally unreal.