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Source: hbo

Jon Snow sitting on the iron throne.

Who Will Win 'Game of Thrones'?


As much as we all love the emotional rollercoaster that is Game of Thrones we all know the real reason that everyone's watching is because we're all just dying to know who will ultimately win Game of Thrones and sit on that ugly, sword-melted chair everyone's just dying to place their keester on.

Now, if you asked this question towards the end of Season 1, you'd probably receive a number of theories that couldn't possibly be true now: mostly because George R.R. Martin and HBO's showrunners are exceptionally fond of killing people off.

And just like a flannel-wearing lumbersexual at a dive bar in East Bushwick with some particularly strong opinions on craft beer, GOT fans have got more than their fair share of theories as to who will be numero uno when the smoke from the dragons have cleared at the end of the series.

So, who will win the Game of Thrones? 

1. Gendry

Source: hbo

The Blacksmith. The dude that Arya's got the hots for, the man who's rumored to forge some Valyrian steel. Sure Gendry looks like he'd show up on the news as part of a soccer hooligan's hate crimes lineup, but the man is the only living relative of the former king Robert Baratheon. The direct descendant is a bastard, but he's still Robert's son. And HBO released some 20 character posters. Most notably, Gendry was left out of the lineup. Curious.