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Source: HBO

Who Is Gendry's Mom in 'Game of Thrones?' — Plus More Fan Theories


When fans were first introduced to Gendry in Game of Thrones, it was Season 1 and Ned Stark was investigating the legitimacy of Robert Baratheon's "children" with Cersei Lannister. 

During their conversation, Gendry (played by Joe Dempsie) told Ned that he was also approached by the former Hand of the King, Jon Arryn, and that he doesn't remember his mother, only that she had blonde hair. 

This tidbit, along with the reveal that the young man is actually Robert Baratheon's bastard, turned Gendry from a simple blacksmith apprentice with a bull's head helmet to a possible contender for the Iron Throne. 

Along the way, fans have come up with plenty of theories to fill in the gaps when it comes to who Gendry's mother really is — could it be Cersei Lannister herself? — and if Gendry will be sitting on the Iron Throne by the end of the HBO series. 

1. Gendry's mother is Cersei Lannister.

Source: HBO

As we mentioned above, Gendry did reveal that his mom was blonde — so fans are convinced Cersei could be his biological mother. 

"In Season 1, Gendry says he doesn't know his mother, just that she had blonde hair," one redditor wrote. "In Season 1, Cersei tells Cat that she lost a son at birth (or shortly after I can't remember), and he had black hair. Is it possible Cersei was pregnant with Robert's child instead of Jaime's and when she saw his black hair, she gave him away after the birth?" 

Actor Joe Dempsie seemingly backed this theory in a recent interview. "There's a line in Season 1, and it's a first scene you ever see of Gendry, where he's looking to Ned and he's asked about his mother, and he says he doesn't remember much about her at all, other than the fact that she had yellow hair and she would sing to him. It's one of those things where you go, 'Do they usually write lines that don't mean anything, or lines that seem to have significance that [are] never addressed again?'" he told Men's Health. "I was kind of intrigued to see what that might mean, and what impact that might have on Gendry's clout politically."