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Source: hbo

Where's Viserion, the "Ice Dragon" in Season 8 of 'Game of Thrones'?

By Mustafa Gatollari

Spoilers ahead!

If you're not all caught up on Game of Thrones and don't want some of the show spoiled for you, then come back and read this article once you're current.

One of the more heartbreaking and horrifying events in Season 7 was the fall of the Night's Watch's wall, which was accomplished largely thanks to the super traumatic death of Viserion.

It wasn't just a death, however. The Night King put Olympic javelin throwers to shame and tossed an ice spear right into the heart of Daenerys' beloved baby, Viserion, and then turned the dragon into a wight.

With a single throw, he turned one of mankind's greatest weapons against the undead snowmen into an ally for the White Walker cause, and the Wall came tumbling down as a result.

Noticeably missing from the Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer, however, was Viserion and his burning blue eyes, which is leading a lot of people to ask:

So, what happened to the third "ice" dragon?

Technically, however, the term ice dragon is a bit of a misnomer.