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Source: Twitter

The Best, Cutest Baby Yoda Memes on the Internet


What do you do when someone mentions Baby Yoda? Do you squeal like you've just seen a newborn puppy? Do you shed a genuine tear because you've been reminded of all the beauty this world possesses? Do you have serious aggressive thoughts about squeezing him until he bursts because he's so cute? Well, you are not alone. Baby Yoda is officially a cultural phenomenon. 

He's young but he's old. He's green but he's wise. His big eyes make you want to protect him with your soul. Baby Yoda memes have become a genre in and of themselves. These are our favorite ones. 

Moms on Christmas

Source: Twitter

Have you ever seen a cuter image or a more perfect representation of what moms look like while they're wearing their pajama sets, holding their giant reindeer mugs, and watching you open presents on Christmas morning? I submit that you have not.