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Source: universal pictures

A Bachelorette Party Pooper Sent This Crazy List of "Rules" — And She's Not the Bride


A party pooping invitee to a Vegas bachelorette party sent an unbelievably demanding email to her group of friends that the internet can't help but rag on.

We've all had that one friend who is a bit of a downer. Usually, however, even that downer friend can be brought to life when they're thrust into a situation with other people who want to have a good time.

There are some downer friends, however, who are just hardwired to be depressing and bring down any type of happy-go-lucky-vibe you're trying to create.

This could be a medical issue — some of us are just naturally depressive individuals. Then there are people who do this simply because they're buzzkills who want to impose their beliefs on everyone else no matter what the circumstance is. This woman is definitely the latter.