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Man Wants to Back out of Donating Kidney to His Ex-Fiancée's Brother After They Broke Up


What do you do if you agreed to donate a kidney to your fiancée's brother but then, months into your engagement, you learn that she's been lying to you and you break it off? Do you still donate the kidney? Do you back out of this potentially life-saving surgery? Sometimes, Reddit's Am I the A-hole? truly tackles the tough questions. 

That's the gist of this story, but let's backtrack a moment to gain some more insight. "Dahlstrommmmm" started off his post by explaining that he dated this girl for five years who, for the purposes of the story, he calls Mia. They got engaged last March and were set to get married next year. But then, two weeks ago, he learned that their "entire relationship was a lie."

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