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Source: instagram

Woman "Traumatized" by World's Worst Haircut That Left Her Half Bald


One woman learned the hard way that you should always check a hair stylist's portfolio before asking them to attempt a funky new hair style on your cranium.

A good haircut is super important. It can completely change the entire appearance of your face. You could look older or younger, thinner or fatter, dorkier or sexier, all depending on the hairstyling you're rocking.

What I'm saying isn't exactly news, but if for some reason you're not convinced about the power of a haircut, just look at before-and-afters of dudes who decided to go with a tight fade and nicely trimmed beard.

We also often get inspired by other people's styles and wonder how we'd look with whatever they've got going on. But there are just some things/hairstyles that won't work depending on the kind of hairline/hair texture/head shape you have.

Which is probably why you look nothing like that photo of a young Marlon Brando or Janelle Monae whenever you're trying to jack their swag: you're just not built for it. Just like I'm not built for horizontal stripes on clothing.

For this woman, however, it had less to do with the shape of her head, and more to do with the fact that her stylist probably bit off a lot more than they could chew.