Bartender Shares Why They "Don't Tow Cars" of People Who Park in Their Lot

In a viral video, a bartender shared why the bar she works at doesn't tow cars for people who park in their lot overnight. Read on for more details.

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Aug. 29 2023, Published 11:49 a.m. ET

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one person is killed roughly every 39 minutes in a drunk-driving crash, "totaling more than 13,000 lives lost per year."

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So, please be like the patrons in TikTok user Michelle's (@michellebellexo), and don't get behind the wheel when intoxicated. You'll not only save yourself, but you'll protect others — and the cars. Read on for more details.

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A bartender explained why she doesn't tow cars overnight.

In her now-viral video, Michelle — a bartender from Charlotte, N.C. — explained that several people parked in the bar's lot overnight because they recognized that they were too drunk to drive.

"It's Sunday afternoon, and I come to Two Buck to do a skit, and when I pulled up in the parking lot," Michelle said before pointing her camera toward the crowded parking area. "Look at how many cars. There's a lot of cars in the parking lot. I was like, 'Wow, must be really busy!'"

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When she walked inside, however, there was only one person in there.

"As a bartender, we love seeing this," Michelle added before expressing her appreciation for those customers. "So, thank you to all of our patrons who drank responsibly and did not drink and drive."

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In the caption, Michelle revealed that this is the reason the bar she works at doesn't tow cars overnight, noting that they "encourage people to have a good time and leave their cars overnight if they shouldn't drive."

The short clip, which was posted on Aug. 7, 2023, has been viewed more than 1.2 million times and counting.

"The bar I work at, if someone does this, we put a coupon for a free appetizer or drink [on their car] to say thank you for not driving," one person wrote alongside a smiley face emoticon.

A second TikToker commented, "I left my car at a bar once, and when I went to pick it up, some guy was out washing everyone's cars! Like a thank you for not drinking and driving."

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TikToker @kbuxton commented, "I always get paranoid my car will get towed from bars when I leave it overnight, this video made me feel better!"
Source: TikTok / @kbuxton

"Being safe is important," another person said alongside a black heart emoji.

A fellow bartender agreed with Michelle's comments, writing, "Seriously, as a bartender, we do love this! Thank you to everyone who doesn't drink and drive."

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TikToker @danielkepler7 commented, "Thank you all for not drinking and driving. ❤️🙏🏻"
Source: TikTok / @danielkepler7

"That is so awesome," someone else pointed out. "The amount of people who hurt and kill others by driving when they shouldn't is scary. Thanks for helping!"

Another shared, "I always get happy when I see cars in the parking lot the next day because I know they're safe!"

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TikToker @kierstenroehm commented, "Thank you for not towing and encouraging people to drink responsibly by not driving drunk💙"
Source: TikTok / @kierstenroehm

"Any bar that has its own parking lot should NEVER tow!!" a fellow TikToker expressed, and many agreed — including Michelle. In response to someone stating that "all bar parking lots should be no tow for safety," she penned, "I agree!!! Sometimes you get to having a good time and don't want to leave! Nice to know you can just ... leave your car."

We don't know about you, but we love this policy and hope more bars follow in Two Bucks's footsteps!

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