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Source: Facebook

Mom Warns Parents About Wired Grill Brushes After Son Is Rushed To Hospital


The sun is out and for most families, it's the start of barbecue season. The Tovell family from Nova Scotia in Canada are one of those families who will be enjoying the sun. But for their 10-year-old son Brady Tovell, a recent barbaque led to a trip to the Children's hospital, and not for food poisoning. 

According to Brady's mom, Tara, the boy quickly came down with stomach pains and vomiting, and when Gatorade and other fluids  blood work, a urine sample and an X-ray didn’t do the trick, Tara decided to take him to the hospital just to be safe. And it's a good job she did. After blood work, a urine sample and an X-ray, doctors reportedly discovered that a small piece of wire from the brush used to clean the barbecue had pierced Brady's bowel. 

Tara took to Facebook to warm parents of the danger of wire brushes and share Brady's story.