The Announcer and Hosts of 'Battlebots' Keep Fans Tuning in to Robot Fights

Who is the 'Battlebots' announcer? The robot combat show entertains legions of fans worldwide. Here's what we know about its announcer and hosts.

Chris Barilla - Author

Mar. 31 2022, Published 1:39 p.m. ET

If you love fighting shows where humans aren't the ones at risk, then you'd probably love Battlebots. The cult-classic Discovery-helmed reality show sees genius engineers pitting their dangerous robotic creations against one another in a literal fight to destruction.

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The action and hilarity that ensues on Battlebots is in large part thanks to its team of (human) stars. Keep reading to learn more about the people behind Battlebots, including the show's announcer and hosts.

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Who is the announcer on 'Battlebots'?

As of this writing, the ring announcer on Battlebots is Faruq Taheed (full name: Faruq Tauheed Jenkins). Per Battlebots Wiki, His involvement with the show began back in 2015 when the program was still on ABC. As the show's announcer, Faruq has the integral role of hyping up the cast and crowd and of introducing everyone on the set to the BattleBox (where the robots fight) at the top of each episode.

Faruq has been the Battlebots announcer since he joined the cast in 2015. In the time since, he has lent his now-signature voice to other Discovery Channel cold openers, as well as to the trailers and promotional videos for Battlebots. His unique approach on the show's opener came as a departure from the previous announcer, Mark Beiro's work, but viewers have now grown to love Faruq.

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A Philadelphia native, Faruq has spoken extensively about his fandom for the Philadelphia Eagles throughout various episodes of the show. He has worked in a variety of capacities across various mediums, such as television and video games, since 1998.

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Who are the hosts of 'Battlebots'?

With Faruq at their side as their trusty and energetic announcer, Battlebots hosts Chris Rose and Kenny Florian deliver all of the ringside commentaries. According to the official Battlebots website, Chris handles play-by-play coverage of the event, while Kenny provides color commentary of what's going on.

What's the difference, you might ask? Basically, Chris is the one saying exactly what's going down, while Kenny is giving fans personal interjections, filling downtime, and even offering emotional hot takes on the action. Chris is also known for his work as an NFL commentator outside of Battlebots and has been with the program since 2015, per Wikipedia.

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Kenny has also been with Battlebots since 2015. Per his Wikipedia page, Kenny is also a renowned mixed martial artist. He formerly competed in the UFC as a lightweight, and his affinity for combat sports continued long after he stepped out of the ring. Some other roles that Kenny has held outside of Battlebots include being an analyst on Fox, a color commentator for UFC Fight Night, and a commentator for the Professional Fighters League.

All in all, between Faruq's announcing style and Chris and Kenny's signature commentary and banter, Battlebots is consistently delivering all of the robot action that its millions of fans have come to love.

Check out new episodes of Battlebots on Thursdays at 6 p.m. EST on Discovery.

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