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Source: iStock Photo / Twitter

15 People Share Their Most Disastrous Beach Fails of All Time


I was just at the beach a couple weeks ago and almost had the fail of a lifetime! Like an idiot, I wore my (very expensive) prescription sunglasses in the ocean and, like an idiot, went under the water with them on. When I popped up, they were not on my face anymore. I was blind, and my (very expensive) prescription sunglasses were drifting off to sea. In a complete panic, I dove under water and felt around for them. Eventually, thank goodness, my hands clasped around them, and I rescued them from a watery death. And now I don't have to explain to my eye doctor that I have to replace my glasses because I flung them into the ocean.

My beach story was a near-miss, but these are all straight-up fails. Jimmy Fallon started off this thread of truly hilarious beach fails that might keep you out of the water for the rest of the summer.

Source: Twitter

I have learned this the hard way: You never look good at the beach. There is no looking cool while you're being pounded by waves and while every crevice of your body is being filled up with sand. Stop trying to look cool when you're at the beach, and I promise you will have way more fun that way. You will also be able to brace yourself better for giant waves if you're not trying to look like James Bond.