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Source: Netflix

We're Not Saying Beren Saat Is the Only Reason People Watch 'The Gift,' but She Kinda Is


Netflix has been on fire when it comes to producing foreign TV shows and movies like Salma Hayek's Monarca and Turkish drama The Protector. It looks like they have another binge-watch-inducing series with The Gift, also known as Atiye. The fantasy-drama is sure to attract new audiences, especially with its description: "Tomb Raider meets the dark undertones of The Davinci Code"; add in Turkish star Beren Saat and it sounds like a home run.

What's The Gift about?

Written by Jason George and Nuran Evren Sit, the show stars Beren as the lead, Atiye, a painter who gets wrapped up in what's pretty much the greatest archaeological find of all time: a strange symbol. The sigil is somehow connected to Atiye's past, and its discovery ends up causing a series of reactions that change the course of Atiye and her family's life forever.