When Beyoncé Speaks, Fans Listen — Best Mute Challenge Videos

Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour and the mute challenge is trending all over. We rounded up some of the best mute challenge videos.

Allison Hunt - Author

Sep. 26 2023, Published 8:53 p.m. ET

Fans during the mute challenge at Beyonce concerts
Source: TikTok/@gh0st11n; TikTok/@makeupshayla; TikTok/@kiimo11

While Taylor Swift and her Era's Tour have been getting so much publicity, Beyoncé is right there with her and the Renaissance World Tour. The spectacle. The outfits. The crazy Ticketmaster cues. The TikToks make you feel like you're there. Queen B has it all as well.

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But one thing that Taylor doesn't have that Beyoncé does is her own #challenge. That's right folks, Beyoncé has her very own TikTok challenge at her concert. Enter the mute challenge.

And because we love you so much, we rounded up the best mute challenge videos. You're welcome.

But first, what is Beyoncé's mute challenge?

Beyoncé performing during the Renaissance Tour
Source: Getty Images

Beyoncé mute challenge is a challenge that happens during her Renaissance World Tour. During her song "Energy" from her latest album Renaissance, there is a lyric that goes, "Look around everybody on mute."

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During the concert, Beyoncé pauses for about five seconds to see how long the crowd can be quiet, which is quite a feat considering she is playing for sold-out crowds of 60,000–70,000 people.

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The TikTok above posted by makeup content creator @makeupshayla shows Houston being almost dead silent when Beyoncé sings the cue line, "Look around everybody on mute."

So without further ado, here are some of the best Beyoncé mute challenge videos.

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Thankfully TikTok user @krismywaist put together a compilation of mute challenges from different shows. The tour originally started in Europe, and by show 19 in Frankfurt, Germany, the crowd started to get the point and understand that when Queen B says "mute" we mute. The consensus by the commenters is that Atlanta "ate."

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People take the mute challenge very seriously. This video by TikTok user @kiimo11 has 12.7M views. Keem was at the Miami show and when someone started to yell he very aggressively told them to, "shut the f--- up." One commenter wrote, "YOUR SO REAL FOR THIS."

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TikTok user @gabby_nixon posted great footage of Beyoncé during this moment at the Dallas show. While they were no Houston, it is clear that Beyoncé was very impressed seeming to hold it a beat longer than on other nights.

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Even though Houston definitely ate this challenge, not everyone got the memo. In this video posted by @gh0st11n, a woman screamed the next lyrics to the song during the mute challenge. The poster was visually appalled and flabbergasted, being left speechless.

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Others are taking this challenge very seriously. In the video above, when a guy screams during the mute challenge, another concertgoer "whacked" him. The caption for the video was, "SHE’S SO REAL FOR THIS," and the commenters are split, some thinking that it is not that serious, while others are thanking the whacker for her service.

Even Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong'o got in on the action. She upped the ante by using the sound to do a transition. In her video, she shows herself and a friend before the concert and then when Beyoncé sings "mute" the video transitions to them at the concert, looking at each other, with their fingers on their mouths being mute. Very clever, Lupita.

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