"What Have I Done?" — Woman Accidentally Leaves Her Shower Running for 7 Hours

In a now-viral video, a woman shared how she accidentally left her shower running for seven hours. We break down everything that happened.

Allison Hunt - Author

Sep. 26 2023, Published 8:30 a.m. ET

If you're like us, then you are triple checking to make sure everything is off before you leave the apartment or house. Curling iron, coffee maker, blow dryer, etc. Sometimes we even take pictures to make sure that things are off and unplugged. OK fine, OCD much? Sure. But it keeps us from spiraling.

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That said, we can proudly say that we have never left the shower running all day. Sadly, one TikTok user can't say the same thing. A woman accidentally left her shower running for seven hours.

Thankfully for us, she posted about it on TikTok and we'll break down what happened below.

A woman on TikTok leaves her shower running for seven hours.

A TikTok video posted on Sept. 14, 2023, by user @lilyyedwardsxo has 5.1M views, 498.3K likes, and 2,561 comments as of this writing. The video documents how Lily accidentally left her shower running for seven hours.

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The video opens with Lily visibly freaking out saying, "Guys this is really serious. And this is why I should not be trusted to stay on my own for a week. What the f--- have I done. I can just see the (headlines) already. Oh f--- what am I gonna do."

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It doesn't take too long to figure out what happened since the words, "Pov: you left the shower running for 7 hours," are written across the screen. In Lily's defense, this isn't as stupid of a mistake as people may think at first glance.

Lily explains that, "They turned the taps off this morning. There was no water. I go to get in the shower... I forgot to turn the shower off. I come home eight o'clock tonight after my shift at work. The place is drenched and full of condensation." We would be lying if we didn't think this could be in the realm of possibility for ourselves.

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Lily tells us that her mom has just painted the walls, and they are now streaked and it won't come off. Lily eventually turns the camera around to show us the water stains and keeps reiterating how her mom is going to kill her.

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Naturally, the comments didn't disappoint, with multiple concerned about the water bill. Other people were making jokes saying things like, "Best pack your bags" and "On a brighter note your nails are cute." A lot of people gave advice on how to clean the wall as well which Lily ended up taking.

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Lily posted an update on the walls saying that it took four hours to clean, but the water streaks were able to come off with a "bit of washing up liquid and hot water."

However, the update that most people were waiting for is that of her mom. Luckily for us, she posted the reaction as well.

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Lily tells her mom, by showing her the viral video that had over 3M views at that time. When the video gets to the part of the walls, the mom looks exasperated. The mom quickly runs upstairs to see the damage, but the daughter has already "sorted" them out, so she lives to see another day.

Our favorite quote from the mom is when Lily tells her how many views she has, her mom goes, "I couldn't give a f--- about your f------ TikToks." And that's a big mood right there.

Lily, we're glad you'll live to see your 21st birthday.

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