A "Blissfully Unaware" Employee Takes a Shower on a Zoom Call in Front of Colleagues

And um, yes, if you were wondering, everyone saw his, ahem, private parts. Ouch.

Melissa Willets - Author

Apr. 5 2024, Updated 10:48 a.m. ET

A TikTok creator who shares content using the handle @techsalesgal apparently enjoyed hearing a story about an employee showering live on a Zoom call so much, that she is regaling social media with the cautionary tale.

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And that's not all. We get the showering on Zoom story, and TikTokers also weighed in with their own horror stories of video calls that have gone so, so wrong.

You're welcome.

How could an employee shower on Zoom and not know it? Well, he did.

The TikToker started her story by admitting that the incident in question happened at her friend's company, adding the occasion was an "all sales team meeting."

She went on to explain that the company has a hybrid work environment, so some participants were calling in remotely.

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"There was also a group in the office that was going to join the Zoom," she elaborated, going on to specify that the in-office employees included the leadership, with that contingency dialing in a few minutes late to the call.

Critically, the creator noted that "anyone with hosting privileges was not on the meeting right when it started." So, a group of remote workers were waiting for the call to get kicked off. Sound familiar?

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Until, someone the creator described as "a very, very brand new employee" and who was "blissfully unaware," somehow did not know that his camera was on, and that he was not muted.

"And he proceeded to take a shower in front of his entire sales organization," the creator shared in disbelief. And um, yes, if you were wondering, everyone saw his, ahem, private parts. Ouch.

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Meanwhile, the creator was of the mind that the man has to resign following his very public Zoom snafu. While you internally debate that question, do we ever have a treat for you!

Here are more stories of Zooms gone wild.

Thankfully for all of us, people went on to share their own Zoom horror stories in the comments — and let's just say that these tales are going to make your day. That is, if you aren't already floating over the shower story.

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One person claimed a co-worker did a number two on a Skype call with "a hot mic." Another TikTok user copped to flushing the toilet on a call. And a student admitted to "violently" throwing up while being hungover in front of their entire class.

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Worst of all, someone shared how during a Zoom funeral, a participant went to the bathroom. But the fun didn't end there. Oh no; there's so much more!

Another commenter shared how someone in their office literally took a nap while on camera. Someone else ordered McDonald's live while their promotion was being announced on a call.

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Meanwhile, many commenters found it hard to believe that anyone could still do something so personal on a Zoom call, what with years of experience working this way under our belts.

Indeed, several TikTokers called bull on this creator's story, and said it was a "scam."

Whether the live Zoom shower happened or not, there's no doubt that highly embarrassing things have taken place during web meetings, even after we think we've double checked that our cameras are off, and that we're muted.

So, shower guy, if you are out there, we feel for you. Just know you aren't alone in humiliating yourself in this brave new world in which we live almost completely online.

Good luck in the witness protection program.

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