Unexpected Home Depot Hair Bleach Fail Literally Leaves an Impression on One Man

In a viral video, a man shared how he used a plastic Home Depot bag to cover his head while bleaching his hair and the result was an utter failure.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jul. 12 2023, Published 9:07 a.m. ET

We’ve all had a bad dye job, courtesy of a drugstore-bought box of hair color. But an account on TikTok by the name of @Tubtok shared a video of one guy’s awful hair bleach fail when he used a plastic bag from Home Depot to cover his head during the process. The TikTok account is maintained by a group of friends who live together, so the bleach fail victim's name isn't clear.

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However, he certainly has people talking on the platform. After @Tubtok shared the video, comments started to flood in on the other videos asking for more content. People even asked if they could move into the home the friends share. As one TikTok user puts it under the comments of another video from @Tubtok, they have an “A++ roommate situation.” Even with (and possibly because of?) the hair bleaching incident.

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A man used a plastic Home Depot bag to cover his hair while bleaching it.

When you bleach your hair at home, you have to leave the bleach in for a certain amount of time before you can rinse it out. Unless you’re like 13-year-old me and you leave it in until your scalp starts burning, but that’s another story for another time. In the TikTok video, the guy who bleaches his hair at home covers his head in a plastic store bag that happens to be from Home Depot.

That would be just fine, except for the fact that the writing on the bag comes off on his hair. And, it seems, the writing is a permanent fixture on the now-bleached head of hair. I mean, you can’t get that kind of dye job anywhere else. But also, I can't imagine the panic the guy must have felt at first.

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It doesn't take long in the video for everyone to bust out in a fit of giggles over the hair bleach fail. And when you see it, it's hard not to laugh at the result of the bag’s inked words transferring to the bleached hair.

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Home Depot commented on the hair bleach ordeal.

After the TikTok account shared the video of the bleached hair gone wrong, they shared another, updated version of the same video, but with the popular Home Depot music often used on TikTok. Someone commented on that video with, “Home Depot’s marketing team needs to wake up and use this. And pay you.”

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Even if Home Depot has no plans to use the bleach hair fail in any marketing campaigns, the home improvement chain did comment on the original video.

Not long after the video blew up, the TikTok account for Home Depot commented, “The DIY we can’t help with.”

The comments about the hair bleaching fail show mixed reactions.

One user commented on the video to let others know that “any bag with red dye lettering” would have the same effect. Which is just fine, but let us have this, OK? Another wrote, “Honestly, he’s working it.” And he sort of is.

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The hair result, Home Depot hair tattoo or not, is like a mix between OG Slim Shady and blonde Pete Davidson. Most people really wanted the guys to re-share the video, but with the classic Home Depot music. Which they did, because how could they not?

Luckily, according to one user, who commented that they actually did the same thing before, the print washes out. But with so many comments about how “camp” and “high fashion” it looks, something tells me the guy might wish he could keep the Home Depot hair tattoo for the foreseeable future.

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