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Here's Where You Should Travel in 2020, According to Scott's Cheap Flights


As 2019 is slowly (but surely) coming to a close, you might be outlining your personal goals for 2020. And since exploration is one of my main priorities in life, fulfilling any and all #travelgoals is vital.

And if you, too, are looking to arrange your travels for the next year, these are the best new places to travel in 2020, according to Flight Experts from online subscription service, Scott's Cheap Flights. You can thank me later by sending a postcard in the mail.

These are the best cheap places to travel in 2020: 

1. Japan

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Although Japan was previously expensive to travel to, more airlines are starting to fly there. This has raised competition and brought flight prices down. 

So if you're looking to shop in Tokyo, eat incredible sushi, and see gorgeous works of art, I strongly suggest considering a flight to Japan.