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Experienced Travelers Share Their Best Advice for Getting Through Long Flights


I live in L.A., but my family is in New York, so at least twice a year, I'm taking that 6-hour flight back and forth. And it's a doozy. Being stuck on a long flight is no picnic, but if you do it enough, as I do, you definitely develop a routine. You realize what helps make you the most comfortable you can possibly be, and you make it happen. 

For me, it's a combination of an aisle seat, super comfy clothes, a neck pillow, lots of Netflix downloads, and a giant water bottle. The people of Reddit came through with a bunch of other tips and tricks to get you through those long travel days. These are the best ones.

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Gorilla_grilla69 suggests you download as much of a TV series as your tablet will allow you to and binge watch it all. Make sure it's something that you will be totally engrossed by. When I travel, I always download at least one movie and several episodes of something. If you're on a 6-hour flight and you watch a 2-hour-long movie, that's a third of your trip eaten up right there! You know you have a list of things you've been wanting to watch forever. A flight is the perfect chance to do that.