Will [SPOILER] Return? Does Loki Save the Avengers? — Five 'Loki' Fan Theories You Must Read!

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Jun. 7 2021, Published 4:52 p.m. ET

Source: Disney Plus

Will Loki be able to redeem himself or will our favorite villain be up to his old tricks? Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe last saw the Asgardian in Avengers: Endgame, in which he stole the Tesseract and escaped through time, thereby disrupting the existing timelines of the multiverse.

The Disney Plus series Loki dives back into the multiverse with the six-episode series following the trickster through time as he attempts to correct the timelines after being enlisted by the Time Variance Authority (TVA).

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Details surrounding the series are limited, but fans have already begun to theorize what might happen to Loki, and what it will mean for the entirety of the MCU.

Ahead of the show's premiere, Distractify rounded up five of the best Loki fan theories.

Source: Disney Plus
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Check out five of the best 'Loki' fan theories.

1. Loki will save the Avengers.

One Reddit theory suggests that the villainous character will become the "reluctant savior of the Avengers." You know, the heroes he was trying to kill in the first superhero installment.

According to this fan, the TVA will enlist Loki to set the timelines straight after a hooded figure has been caught changing important events in history, which has therefore created new timelines.

"Loki will become the villain who saves the Avengers," the fan concludes.

2. Loki is the hooded figure.

Is Loki the hero AND the villain of his own story? This fan theorizes that an alternate version of Loki (from another timeline) or his future self is actually the hooded figure messing with the timelines.

As MCU fans know, Loki has aligned himself with villains in the past. So, could the God of Mischief be doing the bidding for another major villain who will later face off against the Avengers? We sure hope so!

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'Loki' Disney Plus series
Source: Disney Plus

3. Loki's mom will appear in the Disney Plus series.

In Thor: The Dark World, Loki's mom Frigga died while fighting off an attack from the Dark Elves. According to one fan, Frigga will make an appearance in the Marvel series.

"Frigga used to work for the TVA. This is why Loki knows about the TVA and what they do. This is also why a time-traveling Thor was not a surprise to her," the fan writes. "Frigga always believed in Loki because she knew the person he would grow up to be, this is why she believes in him without a doubt."

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4. Loki's storyline will tie into Doctor Strange 2.

Currently, fans know that Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness will feature the Scarlet Witch teaming up with the sorcerer. But will Loki also be featured in the next installment?

"Nightmare is reportedly going to be the villain of the Doctor Strange sequel and yes, he's a classic Doctor Strange bad guy. But he's also, arguably, Loki's nemesis and has fought the God of Mischief several times in the comics," writes another Reddit fan.

"This might suggest some kind of threat that forces all sorcerers to team up (perhaps Strange has to recruit sorcerers from other universes)," they add.

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captain america loki
Source: Marvel, Disney Plus

5. Captain America will appear in Loki.

In Avengers: Endgame, fans last saw Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, go back in time to return all of the Infinity Stones to their rightful place. However, when our favorite hero "returned" to the present, he was an old man. Instead of using the time machine, Steve decided to hang up his shield and spend his days living life with his one true love, Peggy Carter.

"Steve Rogers will appear as a cameo in an episode, creating alternate timelines," a different Reddit theory suggests.

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According to this fan, Steve does not place the Infinity Stones at the right point in time; therefore, the timeline is thrown into disarray.

Additionally, the user speculates that Steve made a deal with the TVA, writing, "My theory says the time cops ... make some sort of deal with Steve to put him in his native timeline, under the condition he changes nothing."

The comic book fan posted that Cap couldn't have just waited in a past timeline because "that violates the established rules of time travel set before they jump." They add, "You can't go back to your own past, you just cause a universe divergence."

Loki premieres June 9 on Disney Plus.

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