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Source: WWE

Beth Phoenix Sustained a Huge Head Injury at the WWE Royal Rumble and Fans Are Concerned


Beth Phoenix made her return to the ring for the first time since WWE's Wrestlemania 35 during the Royal Rumble and put on a crazy good performance. Sadly, however, Beth's comeback wasn't without its drawbacks. The Superstar was the 19th addition to the Woman's Royal Rumble and fans were happy to see her back in action.

The hall of famer, however, took a nasty tumble against the post, slamming her head on the banister. It didn't take long for viewers to realize that the Glamazon was bleeding profusely. So much so that her hair was soaked red and began trickling over the squared-circle canvas with every move that she made.

Undeterred, however, Beth continued to wrestle, not backing down an inch, persisting to put on a show for everyone in attendance.