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The 'Beverly Hills: 90210' Reboot Got Canceled — So Is the Era of Successful Reboots Over?


When the public first learned that the popular '90s teen show Beverly Hills: 90210 was getting rebooted, there was a ton of buzz. Nostalgic fans wanted to learn how their teen crushes were faring in their 40s, and we wanted a relationship update on Donna and David and to know what Brenda was up to. Other successful reboots like Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars had us hoping for the best. 

But, the show's concept was a little out-there and meta for our tastes, with it centering around a fictionalized version of the actors themselves, instead of their characters. The cast did promise that Season 2 would be more conventional, but the show's fate hung in the balance with mediocre ratings. Now, Fox has announced the future of the show. Is Beverly Hills: 90210 coming back for Season 2?