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Source: Getty

Non-Binary Actor Bex Taylor-Klaus Is Playing the Deputy Sheriff in New Drama 'Deputy'


Deputy chronicles how a rebellious, disorderly man, Bill Hollister (Stephen Dorff) is appointed as sheriff almost as though by accident. 

While the first episode of the procedural drama has plentiful of twists in store — including Bill's rapid transformation from a scruffy individual into the top lawman of the neighborhood — the best surprise awaiting fans involves a casting decision. 

So, who is Bex Taylor-Klaus, Deputy's sassiest character? 

Meet Bex Taylor-Klaus, the actor playing Deputy Bishop in Deputy

Deputy captures the grave difficulties Deputy Bill Hollister has to confront during his first days in office, exploring whether the old cop would ever be able to salvage his damaged reputation and establish himself as an authority the closely-knit team could respect. 

His only friend and reliable companion throughout the grueling process? It's the unceasingly enthusiastic Deputy Bishop (Bex Taylor-Klaus).