“Sidewalk's Over There, Genius!": Biker Scolds Pedestrians Walking in Bike Lane — Is He Wrong?

This biker has seen (and yelled at) pedestrians stepping into the bike lane without looking and using the lane as their own sidewalk.


Nov. 7 2023, Updated 2:10 p.m. ET

A biker in New York City is fed up with pedestrians blocking the city’s bike lanes, and he sets them straight as he pedals by — with a raised voice and a heaping serving of sarcasm.

With more than 6 million views, a montage from this biker’s helmet cam shows him chewing out other New Yorkers as they get in the way and even put him and other bikers at risk.

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This biker calls out bad bike-lane behavior when he sees it.

In the TikTok montage, posted by @angrybikermoments on Nov. 3, 2023, this biker yells at people being unsafe in New York City’s bike lanes.

To the person whose dog has wanted into the biker’s path: “That’s not dangerous at all. Great job. Have your dog just sit on the bike lane.”

To the pedestrian taking a stroll down the bike lane. “Sidewalk is on your left.”

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To the person pushing a cart down the bike lane: “It’s a nice bike you got there.”

To the group of pedestrians stepping carelessly into the bike lane: “Yep, let’s cross without looking.”

To the biker going the wrong way down the one-way bike lane: “It must be hard to go with traffic. But I’m the bad guy, you know, who wants to get to my destination safely.”

The videos come from ZeroEnigma’s Youtube channel.

After a Reddit user shared a similar montage, one commenter recognized the clips from ZeroEngima’s YouTube channel. “He posts 30-min-long vids on YouTube of him yelling at people in the bike lane during the week,” that user, u/dogsdontdance, wrote.

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Like other viewers, u/dogsdontdance has mixed feelings about the videos. “A part of me gets his shtick. I mean, who hasn’t fruitlessly dinged a bell at an oblivious Citi Bike salmon-er in the bike lane?” they wrote. “I have a horn on my bike, it doesn’t work, it is what it is.”

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u/dogsdontdance went on: “The other is like, dude, calm down. You’re riding down f------ Broadway. 8th Ave is a s---show, it always will be a s--tshow. That section of Herald Square is terrible design. At what point do you stop blaming random [pedestrians] and start blaming s----- infrastructure?"

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Zero Enigma has been a YouTube user for 17 years and boasts nearly 300 videos and more than 7.8 million views. “I’m a gamer, cycling enthusiast, and driver,” he writes in his channel description. “I’m all about fairness and safety. When you threaten my safety for selfish stupidity, that’s when the a------ in me comes out.”

Some TikTok commenters think it’s a bit much.

In the comments of the TikTok upload, commenters aren’t all sympathetic to ZeroEngima’s plight.

“Bro acts like he owns the city,” one wrote.

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“Bro has beef with his life,” another observed.

“Did he build the bike lane?” a third person wondered. “So much passion.”

One pedestrian, meanwhile, struck back in the comments. “Cyclists go on sidewalks all the time,” they said. “They keep ringing their bells for me to move, and I pretend I can’t hear it. Go on the bike lane!”

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Another commenter, though, could relate to ZeroEnigma’s frustration. “[People] who don’t regularly drive bicycle/board can never understand his frustrations, ‘cause they are absolutely valid,” that person declared.

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