Man Leaves Bike Right in Front of Train Doors Then Acts All Sus

One man, who placed his bike lying down in front of the train door as people boarded, started being a wise guy when another man called him out.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Aug. 3 2023, Published 1:05 p.m. ET

tiktoker @girl.with.the.eyebag video of bike left in middle of the train
Source: TikTok / @girl.with.the.eyebag

Traveling on public transportation, like the train, is usually not fun. Unlike when you're traveling in your own vehicle, public transportation takes away your right to privacy, space, and freedom to cough and sneeze like a gross little gremlin without others thinking you have the plague.

Sometimes passengers have a little trouble accepting that.

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Not only must you wear headphones to listen to music in order to not disturb others, but if you’re riding during a busy hour, you better cross your fingers that you’ll be able to find a seat.

But passing through different train cars while looking for a seat can sometimes feel like an episode of The Challenge — especially when other passengers purposely leave their belongings in the middle of the car.

That said, can we please talk about this guy who just left his bike in the middle of the train while riding?

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man transporting a bicycle
Source: getty images

A man just left his bike in the middle of the train as if other passengers don't exist.

If Kidz Bop ever did a clean version of Ludacris’s 2001 song “Move B----,” the lyrics would probably be changed to something like, “Move bike, get out the way.” And the music video would probably look something like this TikTok, which features a bike that is very much in the way.

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Starring alongside this bike is the man who put the bike there, as well as several ticked-off passengers wondering why on earth a bike is lying in the middle of a train. This 36 second clip of chaos is brought to you by TikToker, @girl.with.the.eyebag, who recorded this interaction for our viewing pleasure.

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While riding the SkyTrain in Vancouver, Canada, @girl.with.the.eyebags noticed a guy riding near her who left his bike lying down in the middle of the train car, right in front of the doors that passengers use to board and exit the train. And when I say right in front of the door, I mean right in front of the door.

"Dude threw his bike down like this on the train, but the next stop is about to be a lot of people getting on...," the text in her video wrote.

She continues to film as the train arrives at the next stop and passengers begin to board. Naturally, people are confused when the doors open and a bike is just there chilling.

Some folks didn't let it bother them and quickly stepped over it. However, one man getting on decided to call out the alleged bike owner, who we can't see in the video due to the angle, but we can definitely hear him — and his apathy.

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It's unclear what the boarding passenger said, but "How the f--- do you know it's my bike?" is heard in the background.

The boarding passenger replies, "Because it’s right in the middle of everything, Buddy," adding "... and you're the closest one to it."

The man who cannot be seen, but can be heard says, "Not really." The video ends there.

tiktok comments bike in the middle of the train
Source: TikTok
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In the comment section, users show no remorse for this man and his bike. "I was hoping someone was going to drag it out," wrote one person.

Another teased that they would have stepped as hard as they could on the bike's wheels to bend them.

tiktok comments about bike left in middle of skytrain
Source: tiktok
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But many were surprised that the bike was still in one piece and an altercation didn't break out. "So Canadian," wrote one user nodding to the country's reputation for being nice. "I would like to see how this would play out in other cities," he continued.

Another responded: "His bike would be on the platform and broken, LOL." One comment read: "I can't imagine that in Paris without a fight at some point." And a third user chirped: "In the bay area we call that a free bike."

That said, don't be this guy. He definitely not winning any popularity contests, and if he keeps this up, he might just be out of a bike.

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