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The 10 Best 'Billionaires in Wine Caves' Jokes After the Debate



In the latest Democratic debate, presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren criticized Pete Buttigieg for pandering to "billionaires in wine caves" with his fundraisers. Pete tried to defend his fundraisers, but the phrase of the evening had instantly been coined. And the internet went wild with jokes. 

Enjoy the best, funniest tweets about "billionaires in wine caves" from the Democratic debate!

1. My mouth

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I would say my mouth also definitely qualifies as a wine cave. Whereas you can take wine out of wine caves, though, once the wine goes in my mouth, it doesn't ever come out. 

2. Baby Yoda

That GIF of Baby Yoda sipping his broth can literally be used in any situation. I would hope that if I were so rich to have a wine cave, I too would stand inside it while indulgently drinking wine out of a mug and wearing the most comfy giant sweater dress/cloak thing.

3. Whine cave

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Ah yes, the many different types of caves. Pete Buttigieg may have held a fundraiser full of obnoxious billionaires in a wine cave, but the real whine cave is the entire website we know as Twitter. And that's the truth.

4. Wine Man

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This is funny because it's Batman who owns the Bat Cave and gets called to action via the bat signal. Not to mention, he's also a billionaire. Billionaires love caves, I guess! How different would the Batman comics and movies have been if instead, Batman was drunk on wine all the time? I don't think he would get as much crimefighting done. 

5. Wine cave defenders

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California Governor Gavin Newsom weirdly came out in defense of wine caves the day after the debate, which led people to wonder... is Gavin Newsom a wine cave? Did a wine cave possess him and speak through him? Why are people defending wine caves? It makes no sense. The wine cave isn't the villain in this scenario. It's the politicians holding fundraisers catering to billionaires. If the fundraisers took place in a bowling alley, it wouldn't be the bowling alley's fault. It's absolutely bonkers that people are coming to the defense of wine caves in this situation.

6. Plato's allegory

Source: Twitter

You're probably familiar with Plato's allegory of the cave, but Plato's allegory of the wine cave is much less well-known. In this one, there are no chains keeping people prisoner in the cave, only bottles of wine that they constantly drink until they're too drunk to stand and walk out. 

7. Burned down wine cave

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If you are not following George Wallace on Twitter, you are missing out. The man is a joke machine. A genius. I don't know how a wine cave would burn down, since it's probably comprised of rocks and dirt, like most other caves, but it doesn't even matter. It's still hilarious. 

8. Diet soda den

Billionaires may have wine caves, but struggling millennials have diet soda dens, and honestly, they sound like much more fun. We don't have campaign fundraisers in our diet soda dens, but we do have pizza parties and marathons of New Girl, so that's something.

9. Indie band

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I would be not surprised at all if tomorrow on Spotify there's a new band called Wine Cave with hit singles like "Bad Billionaires" and "Chandeliers of Shame." 

10. 30-50 feral white supremacists

This is a whirlwind mashup of some of 2019's most hilarious memes. The original is 30-50 feral hogs, but 30-50 feral white supremacists works too. Sometimes, you just have to hole up in your wine cave with a glass and go to town, you know?

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