If You're Looking to Support the BLM Movement, Start by Signing These Petitions

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Jun. 2 2020, Updated 5:55 p.m. ET

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Advocacy is extremely important during these trying times, and solely posting to social media about the Black Lives Matter movement just isn't enough. If you're looking to actually make a change, beyond the confines of Instagram and Twitter, here are a handful of Black Lives Matter petitions that are certainly worth signing. Every signature counts.

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Justice For George Floyd — Change.org

Change.org's Justice For George Floyd petition advocates for George Floyd, who was killed by Derek Chauvin, an officer who kneeled on his neck for about eight minutes. While Chauvin has been charged, the petition urges Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey and the local DA, Mike Freeman, to file charges related to Floyd's death against the other officers who were present but did not intervene.

Justice For Floyd — Color Of Change

Color Of Change's Justice For Floyd petition also demands that all four officers involved with Floyd's death are charged with murder.

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Fight For Breonna

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Fight for Breonna advocates for the Louisville, Ky. ER technician who was fatally shot at least eight times by police in her home, while they were searching for two unrelated persons. The petition urges the Louisville Mayor to address the use of force by authorities, fire the officers involved with her death, provide information to local police accountability council, create a policy for transparent investigation process, drop all charges against Breonna's boyfriend, and release the 911 call to the public.

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Justice For Breonna Taylor — Change.org

Change.org's Justice For Breonna Taylor petition advocates for justice against the police officers responsible for Taylor's death.

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Justice For Ahmaud Arbery — Change.org

Change.org's Justice for Ahmaud Arbery advocates for the 25-year-old Georgia man who was chased and gunned down by Travis McMichael and retired Brunswick investigator Greg McMichael while jogging. The father and son alleged they witnessed a burglary in Satilla Shores of Glynn County, Ga. This petition seeks justice for the innocent young man.

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Tamir Rice — Change.org

Six years ago, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot by police when he was playing in a park with a toy gun. The grand jury declined to charge the officers who opened fire on the child less than two after arriving. This petition requests the Department of Justice to launch a federal investigation into prosecutor McGinty's handling of the grand jury process, and of Rice's death.

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Justice for Sean — Change.org

Change.org's Justice For Sean petition advocates for Dreasjon “Sean” Reed, a victim of police brutality, who recorded himself being chased on Facebook Live in Indianapolis, Ind. He was tased and shot 14 times, and the petition urges the officer to get fired from the force, and charged with murder.

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Justice For Tony McDade — Change.org

Change.org's Justice For Tony McDade petition advocates for Tony, a transgender black man who was killed by police in Tallahassee, Fla. on May 27. This urges an investigation into the officers, to hopefully have them fired and charged.

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Charge All Four Officers — Change.org

Charge All Four Officers urges the Minnesota government to charge each of the four policemen involved with George Floyd's murder. 

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Justice For Regis Korchinski — Change.org

Justice for Regis Korchinski advocates for the 29-year-old Toronto resident whose death was initially ruled a suicide, but was later deemed a homicide, after witnesses say they saw police push her off a 24th floor balcony. Signing this petition will push for justice to be served to the authorities that allegedly murdered Regis.

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Tell Minneapolis City Council to Defund the Police — Reclaim The Block

Reclaim the Block has created a petition called Tell Minneapolis City Council to Defund the Police, which aims to stop increasing the local department's budget, to vote for a pay cut, to protect and expand community-led safety strategies, and to move forward in a less violent manner. 

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Mandatory Life Sentence For Police Brutality — Change.org

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Change.org's Mandatory Life Sentence For Police Brutality petition proposes the justice system to pass a law that sentences authorities who abuse their power to life in prison.

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Defund the Police — BlackLivesMatter

BlackLivesMatter.com's Defund the Police petition proposes that we defund the police and invest the money in local communities.

There are so many ways to get involved and have your voice heard. Now is a more important time than ever to do so.

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If you are looking for specific ways to donate your time or money to Black Lives Matter and other antiracist organizations, we have created a list of resources to get you started. 

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