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Source: istock

14 People Share the Silliest Boomer Advice They've Received


Age can imbue people with wisdom gained through experience, but it's no secret the world has changed a lot since Baby Boomers came of age. As a result, often their well-meaning advice isn't quite based in the reality millennials have faced. Technology has changed a lot, as has the economy and social mores. 

After Twitter user @freeyourmindkid prompted people to share "the most out of touch advice that a Boomer has ever given," with the hashtag @BoomerAdvice. If you're under the age of 37, I'll bet a lot of these will sound familiar and make you sigh a resounding, "OK boomer."

1. Just call them!

Source: Twitter

We've all heard well-intended advice for job hunting from older folks who haven't haven't had to look for work in decades. There may be some employers who welcome calls and in-person inquiries, but they're definitely the minority.