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30 People Share Their Moving Tips and Tricks


When I moved from my first apartment in LA to my second apartment in LA, I moved two blocks away and I was broke, so I didn't hire a moving company. Instead, I flopped my mattress on top of my hatchback and enlisted two of my friends to hang out the windows and hold it in place while I drove to my new place at like 3 mph. It was not smart. Cannot recommend it. 

What I can recommend are all the tips and tricks in this thread. A YouTuber and creator known as Shameless Maya took to Twitter to ask her followers for their best tips to make the packing and moving process as quick and painless as possible. And they stepped up! Seriously, you might want to take notes because these are golden.

Bike boxes

Source: Twitter

This. Is. Brilliant. You never have easy ways to pack all your framed artwork, so you end up just throwing them in the back of the truck and hoping for the best. Bike boxes are the answer.