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15 Things You Don't Learn Until You Move in With Your Partner


When a couple reaches the point in their relationship where they decide to live together, they will always face some adjustments, both minor and major. Everyone has peccadillos and quirks that come to the fore when sharing a space with somebody else.

A recent AskReddit thread invited couples to share the most surprising things they discovered after cohabiting with their significant other. For those who haven't taken the plunge, let this serve as a warning — and for those who've already gone there, let it serve as some comfort that you're not alone.

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The most popular surprise people cited was learning their partner's standard of cleanliness is very different from theirs. And opposite-sex couples were often surprised that their significant others defied gender stereotypes on this topic. ElToberino said, "I thought if I ever moved in with a girl, I'd have to be way less of a slob. Turns out I'm the neat freak in this relationship."

I know in my own relationship this is the case, and neither of us is a particularly messy person. But whereas grime and filth is my trigger, he's more likely to be aware of clutter than when the floors need cleaning.